3-hour stock investing workshop

Learn How You Can Generate Recurring Income In A Low-Risk Manner By Investing Profitably in The Stock Market in this Wealth Academy Preview Session!

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In this FREE 3-Hour, information packed Masterclass, you will learn:

  • Why the stock market is one of the best place to invest your capital, especially if you are planning to start small and don’t want to make a massive commitment to invest or run a business.
  • simple, yet effective investment strategy that anyone can use to generate an average return of 12 %*. What’s more minimal effort and monitoring is required!
  • How can you use our proprietary Value Momentum InvestingTM (VMI) strategy to invest in winning stocks that have the potential of generating returns of 30% or more.
  • How you can invest in basket of income-generating propertieswithout having to physically managing these properties and yet collect rental income every quarter!
  • How simply saving 10% of one’s monthly salary, coupled with a low-risk long-term investment plan can potentially turn an average person into millionaire.
  • How you can still generate income from the stock market, even when markets and the economy are crashing!
We have trained thousand of people to successfully build a profitable source of secondary income
“My Returns Are About 10-20%. With Such Great Achievements, Straits Times Has Also Interviewed Me So That I Could Inspire Other Young Adults To Start Investing As Well.” I would like to thank you for your guidance thus far, be it in the field of education, investing, personal development or book writing. In particular, I would like to thank you for teaching me how to invest. With the skills that you have taught, I have recouped the losses I had prior to attending the Wealth Academy. Also, I have now created another source of income for myself while I’m studying.
Arthas Ho
“I Managed To Double My Portfolio In 1 year Trading!” Being a self-employed since graduated in export/import from Asia to Europe and now being the MD of my own real estate development in Thailand, the Wealth Academy program has given many answers in improving and confirming, completing my business actions and approaches in human relations and dealing with the daily challenges. Finally it gave me the opportunity to create another stream of income and made me a much better investor! Your course fee is worth every penny!
Christophe Deridder
Business Owner

Why should you learn how to invest in stocks?

With rapid globalization and the rise of automation resulting in the restructuring of most economies, we find that we no longer feel secured in our primary jobs. Hence, finding means of generating additional income, without losing our current jobs, is fast becoming more of a necessity.

With various means of generating additional income streams available to people these days (such as investing in properties or even starting an online business), why invest in the stock market in particular?

Here’s why:

  • Convenient and easily accessible to the general public and you only require a small amount of capital to start.
  • Other forms of investments such as properties or starting a business or franchise, may require a lot of capital to start and may need to devote a lot of time to manage it (which may not be practical for busy executives who already have a full time job)
  • Contrary to popular belief, successful and profitable stock investing does not necessarily require a lot of time. In fact, it is possible to invest profitably with just a few hours per week.
  • Opportunity to invest in highly successful and profitable companies that could potentially generate recurring income for you in the form of dividendsand capital gains when you sell the stock.
  • Unlike traditional business and real estate, you can still generate income in the stock market even when the economy and the stock market are crashing (and hence the reason why stock-investing is a recession-proof skill!)

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DISCLAIMER  • The information provided by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd (AKLTG) and its associated trainers are meant for educational purposes, and at no instance to be regarded as investment advice. You are advised to practise due diligence before making any financial decisions. • AKLTG and its associated trainers are not liable for any losses incurred from your investment activities. • All forms of investments carry risks. Such activities may not be suitable for everyone. • Past investment performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance, even if the same strategies are adopted.